Why Join Us

At Extinct Fire, we recognize that our people are our greatest asset. It is the efforts of talented and dedicated people that make our success possible, and we are committed to attracting, developing and retaining these people.

We strive to be your employer of choice by:

  •  Providing training, education, Learning Sessions and growth opportunities
  • We believe in creating friendly  work culture , and making the work interesting
  • Talent and efforts never get ignored by us. We believe in rewarding and recognizing our employees.
  • We stand by our fundamental values
  • WE believe in keeping healthy work culture and open communication to keep our employees connected.
  • WE support various social activities
  • We believe in recruiting, retaining people of all background and also to help them to grow in professional and personal life.
  • WE ensure that our employees are getting work satisfaction and growing in their respective fields.
  • WE promote team work.
  • Believe in effective communication within employees and with the clients as well.
  • WE value and respect the unique contribution and dedication of our Employees.